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Do the suits have a base price?

I price suits by the cost of the materials and the sewing and cutting time that goes into a bikini,  and how many crystals need to be applied, plus the customer service for an order. I’m able to maximize my sewing and cutting techniques by using industrial machines that cut my time considerably.

How do I create and/or view the Wish List?

After you create an account, use the heart to add product to the wish list. To view your wish list, click on the heart with the number at the top of the page.

How to measure for your suit

Bust:  While braless or wearing a non-padded bra with your arms hanging down, use a measuring tape to measure around your bust at the widest part. The tape should be level and slightly snug. Round to the nearest whole number.

Underbust:  While braless, use a measuring tape to measure around your torso directly under your bust, where a bra band would sit. The tape should be level and very snug. Round to the nearest whole number.

Glute:  To measure your glutes, remove your outer garments, put your feet together, and wrap a soft measuring tape level and snug around the widest part of your glutes/buttocks.

Crotch length: Start with the tape measure center front at the point where you want the top of the bottoms to sit. Bring it down under and through your crotch and back up around your butt to where you want the top of the back to sit. Make sure to pull the tape snug between your glutes similar to the way the bottoms will fit. If you are getting a moderate cut or bottom without scrunching, you will want to measure over underwear so the tape is flat over your butt instead of between your cheeks. You can also measure a bottom you like the fit of, just make sure that the back scrunching is pulled flat to get an accurate measurement

Hip/Leg: Use a soft measuring tape to start at the point on your hip where you want the connector to sit. Pull the tape down the front, through your crotch, up over your glute where the suit back will sit, back to the starting point. Some girls like the sides to sit low and some like them to sit higher over the hip bone. This helps ensure the sides are long enough for girls that like a higher side.

How does your sizing run?

Competition Suits have minimal coverage and run small compared to regular swimsuits.

How do I get a suit that has a perfect fit?

It’s not difficult and I’m here to help! The way to get a perfect fitting suit from Aspire is made easy by not assuming our sizing is comparable to others’ sizing.

The most accurate way to get a suit that fits perfect is to use a tape measure and compare with my sizing diagrams that have all the measurements.

Top Sizing Information

(A cup to a small B cup)

(B to DD cup)
For natural A-B cups or augmented C up depending upon coverage desired.
Small has less side coverage than Medium.

(B-DD Cup)
For full B cups that want to add extra push up padding or C-D cups natural or augmented that want more side coverage than the Small.

(D Cup and Larger)
For natural or augmented D Cup and larger that want the most coverage.

Bottom Sizing Information

Fits 32-36″ hips. 15½” crotch length
Recommended for 5′ 5″ height and under

Fits 32-38″ hips. 16½” crotch length
Recommended for over 5′ 5″ height
or those wanting higher front/back coverage

Fits 35-40″ hips. 17½” crotch length

For easy fitting close to the show, back straps have extra length allowing for up to 2 inch total measurement adjustment. It is an easy alteration you can have done or sew it yourself.

What are the differences in the fabrics you offer?

We have different types of fabrics, each one has their own unique look from a high shine metallic and holographic finish to beautiful matte colors.

Shattered Glass Hologram Description

Holographic fabric, when moved at different angles, appears to contain different three-dimensional colors showing in the fabric. Especially stunning when combined with motion and light.

Twinkle Hologram Description

Twinkle hologram combines the tiny dot pattern of mystique/matrix foil with a holographic effect. It has a smaller pixie dust twinkle effect versus the bolder sparkle of the shattered glass.

Mystique/Matrix Foil Description

Mystique/Matrix is tiny metallic sheen dots. The shiny fabrics catch the eye and persuade the imagination that metal can stretch and breathe and flow on an athlete’s frame. 4 Way Stretch Nylon Spandex.

Sequin Fabric Description

Exquisite, unique and eye-catching, sequins sparkle like no other!
Perfect for when you need a dramatic, elegant look with a lot of sparkle.
Sequins- 4 way stretch poly/lycra fabric with embroidered sequins in a swirl pattern


Crystal Types

I use high quality machine cut hot fix crystals that have amazing brilliance and sparkle.

I recommend ordering 4 weeks before your show.

If you haven’t competed before or you are no sure where your stage weight will be.At 4 weeks out you should be getting a clear idea of where you’ll be. If you’re still unsure perhaps speak to your coach, trainer or friends who are experienced.

How long to get my suit?

Usually about 2-3 weeks. I offer expedited service as an upgrade.

Costs and Locations

U.S. Postal Service Priority Mailing is $9

Canada First Class Mailing: custom suits delivered in 5-6 weeks is $17, 2-3 weeks for in-stock suits.

Canada Priority International Mailing: custom suits delivered in 3-4 weeks is $30,  1-2 weeks for in-stock suits.


Is it difficult to buy a competition suit online that fits perfect?

It’s not difficult and I’m here to help! The way to get a perfect fitting suit from Aspire is made easy by not assuming our sizing is comparable to others’ sizing.

The most accurate way to get a suit that fits perfect is to use a tape measure and compare with my sizing diagrams that have all the measurements.

Can you guarantee that the connectors won't break?

Any connector has the potential to break, if abused, is of poor quality, or hasn’t been checked for defects. I test and double check every connector for quality issues. While no one can honestly say that the connectors they sell won’t ever break, I find that the stronger premium connectors that I offer very rarely break.

I also offer value connectors that work fine but are more delicate. I’ve had these connectors last years. I’ve also seen them abused and they won’t last as long.

Customized vs Made to Order

The biggest confusion is this!

Are my Measurements Needed to purchase a suit that fits?

Can my suits color and design help me win?