Purple Practice Suit


A purple suit with crystal connectors that I made as a sample suit. This is brand new and ready to ship but is only available in the size listed and most are one-offs or one-of-a-kind. Great opportunity to save on an Aspire suit. Has a Cheeky/Brazilian Back Cut.

Main Size Guide

This is useful for a general idea of the coverage of cuts and sizes. Especially useful for comparing to a suit that you like and are familiar with.
Sizing FAQ's

Tops have more stretch if you remove the pads.

Fit Tips to Customize Bottoms:
1. XS and S have a similar coverage but XS has a shorter total crotch length making it lower in front and back.
2. XS is recommended for girls under 5' 3" who want a lower front.
3. Want more front coverage but less back coverage? Request a MED front w/ a small back in the cut you like.
4. MED back cuts have more fabric and cover more (except for the Micro Pro cut as shown in diagrams).
5. If you are 5' 7" or taller and not sure about front coverage needed get a MED front. MED is a little higher and wider fit than the Small which is a more petite fit.

Options you may like:
(1) Unsewn Bottoms w/ safety pins so you can sew as tight as you like.
(2) Top sewn at center connector to the string. Helps w/ cleavage and prevents top cups from sliding apart.
Note examples - unsewn bottom with safety pins
Shipping Info
Ships the next day. Usually arrives in 5 days.